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Match 1: Ameer vs VOPW vs Tom CarterEdit

Blink 182 - Dumpweed-1428438252

Blink 182 - Dumpweed-1428438252

Bobby Cruise: "First, from Manhassett New York, Weighing with 227 Pounds, Ameer!" 

Three Days Grace - "Painkiller"-3

Three Days Grace - "Painkiller"-3

Bobby Cruise: Next, From Hollywood, Florida, weighing 213 Pounds, VOPW!" 

Shaman's Harvest - Broken Dreams (With Drew Mcintyre Video) Full Song

Shaman's Harvest - Broken Dreams (With Drew Mcintyre Video) Full Song

Bobby Cruise: "Lastly, from Preston England, weighing 246 Pounds, The APW Intercontinental Champion, Tom Carter!" 

As the bell rings, Ameer paces around the ring, keeping his eyes on both VOPW and Tom Carter, realizing that he's at a major disadvantage in this match. Carter backs off, allowing Ameer and VOPW to continue a long standing rivalry. Ameer gets the upper hand early on, with quick chops and kicks. A quick arm drag from Ameer sends VOPW into the path of Tom Carter, who picks up VOPW, brushes him off, and sends him back after Ameer. With the Intercontinental Championship already around Carter's waist, you can see why he's not putting his full focus towards this match. 

Once again, the 2 lock up, Ameer and VOPW clash into the corner, where VOPW rakes the eyes of Ameer, and begins to take control, as this is elimination rules, there's no rush to break up pinfalls and submissions. VOPW connects with a high angle dropkick, sending Ameer crashing head first into the mat. Carter, impressed by VOPW, gives him a clap.

VOPW continues to take control, a snap suplex keeps Ameer down for some time. He begins to hold his head in pain, a potential concussion or other injury may have occured off of the dropkick. VOPW notices the opening and begins to strike the back of Ameer's head, with strikes, forearms and kicks. VOPW locks in a vise grip styled submission, further injuring the head of Ameer. It's at this point the crowd rally behind Ameer, cheering him on to fight back. Ameer fights his way out of the submission, and begins to comeback, with yet more strikes, followed up by an impressive tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Ameer runs off the ropes, looking to clothsline VOPW out of the ring, when he meets a huge big boot from Carter. Ameer collapes onto the mat. Carter now starts to take over from VOPW. Carter picks Ameer up, looking for a back suplex, but Ameer reverses it and hits a crossbody on Carter. The ref runs over, 1...2...3! "Tom Carter has been eliminated!" Bobby Cruise announces. 

As Ameer celebrates his pin, VOPW strikes with a chair shot to the back of the head. Before picking Ameer up and connecting with the Brainbuster onto the knee of VOPW. The ref counts, 1...2...3! "Your winner, VOPW!" VOPW celebrates with Carter at the top of the ramp, The Empire has a spot in the finals next week. 

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Match 2: Keith Tucker vs Prince Cole vs CM Punk Edit

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Match 3: Dean Ambrose vs Jason Tanner vs Mike Wilson Edit

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Main Event: Finn Balor vs Hugo vs TitanEdit