Recap of Part 1Edit

Backlash Part 1

Segment 4- A Warning From SomeoneEdit

  • We cut to a dark room with a man sitting in a chair, with a mysterious hood on that covers his face, he seems very unhappy but we can see an evil smile on his face*

Anonymous: "Tonight, you all will be witness to the return of the man who's the originator of Total Carnage, I've got nothing to prove but all you need to know is that you can't win, no one can win, not even time. I'm always the REAL winner. Whether you like me or hate me, I'm rising from my coffin, everyone's time will run out. Watch me just put your fire out before it even gets lighted, go, run away because it's the smartest decision you will ever make."

Match 4- Hal Castle vs Goatface Bryan vs Mr. Barnes- Triple Threat Steel Cage Match for Ownership of APWEdit

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Hal Castle's Theme

Cruise: From Davenport, Iowa. Weighing 217 Pounds, Hal Castle!

Goatface Bryan's Theme

Cruise: From Aberdeen, Washington. Weighing 210 Pounds, Goatface Bryan!

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Mr. Barnes' Theme

Crusie: From right here in St. Louis, Missouri. Weighing 235 Pounds, he is the Owner of APW. Mr. Barnes!

  • The referee gets in between all 3 men*

Referee: "Now, before we get started, I just want to get the rules of this match out. The only ways to win are by Pinfall or Submission the cage is just here to make sure no one gets inside, lets get this going guys."

He rings the bell and the match has begun. Barnes looks at both Bryan and Castle and says "Come on fuckers, hit me!" Bryan and Castle team up on Barnes as they back him into a corner, Bryan starts to kick away with multiple kicks to Barnes' chest until Hal gets fed up and pushes Bryan away and starts pounding and stomping on Barnes. Bryan grabs Hal and pushes him and starts kicking Barnes again until Castle pushes Bryan back and then they start getting into a fight. Bryan kicks Hal and then Hal chops Bryan back. They keep going back and forth until Barnes gets up and attacks both men from behind, Barnes takes Hal and sets him on the top rope to Dropkick him into the Steel Cage. Only to turn around into a huge kick from Bryan. Bryan grabs Hal and Hurricanranas him into Barnes who catches Hal just to Powerbomb him to the ground but Bryan stays on the top rope and hits a missile dropkick right onto Barnes and goes for the first pin. 1...2.Kickout right after 2 by Barnes. All 3 men get into a fight but Barnes slips out and points at the Ramp where here comes Mikey and Kevin with steel chair and they're trying to get a table out too. Barnes yells "NO Tables!" He just grabs the chairs from the 2 and throws them down to the ring forgetting that Bryan and Hal grab one each and Barnes turns around right into it as he tries to leave but gets hit right in the back with one of those chairs. Both tried to go for the pin but they started fighting each other when they got in the way of each other. Bryan takes Hal down to his knees and starts kicking at him until he's turned around into an RKO by Barnes as Barnes RKO's Hal too.

Barnes starts climbing to the top of the cage and says "I'm going to hit one of them right?" He goes for his Frog Splash only to not hit anyone as he falls 15 feet into 2 chairs, Barnes is out of it as Bryan attacks Hal with kicks and goes for his huge Dragonrana onto Hal. He heads to the top rope and hits a Diving Headbutt, he sets up for his Bite Of A Dragon and gets it but he doesn't go for the pin. He helps Barnes up and says "Pin him." Barnes looks confused but pins Hal for the 1...2...Hal kickouts to just get hit by a Package Piledriver by Goatface as Goatface helps Barnes get the pin.

Barnes wins as they put up the Cage and Mikey and Kevin grab Barnes and hoists him up in the air and enjoys the moment, Barnes tells them to let him down and he stares at Bryan. Bryan smiles and shakes Barnes' hand.

Segment 5- Lorna, Michelle, Sheryl and Mikey Salone InterviewEdit

  • Josh Matthews is with Lorna and company*

Josh: "I'm here with Lorna, Michelle, Sheryl and Mikey Salone and I have to ask-"

Mikey: "Did you just see what just happen? Our hero Mr. Barnes defeated so courageously I might add defeated Goatface Bryan and that punk Hal Castle. This is so great! It's better than money! But not really-"

Lorna: "Mikey, relax and let's talk about something more important, the APW Women's Championship. See, I'm going to walk into this 4 way as champion and I'm going to walk out the same way. Now, I'm not a huge fan of talking so let's go Mikey and the rest of you, I got a match to win."

Match 5- Maria vs Michelle vs Sheryl vs Lorna W/ Mikey Salone- Fatal 4 Way for the APW Women's ChampionshipEdit

Maria Thorn's Theme

Cruise: Our next contest is for the APW Women's Championship. Introducing first, from Denver, Colorado, the WOW Divas Champion, Maria Thorn! 


  • Maria makes her way out with a smirk on her face, thinking that this is going to so easy.*

Michelle's Theme

Cruise: Next, from Phoenix, Arizona, Michelle!

SS14 Photo 195

  • Michelle makes her way out, full of energy as she is the underdog in this type of match.*

Sheryl's Theme

Cruise: From Boston, Massachusetts, Sheryl!


  • Sheryl doesn't make her full way out as she waits for her partner Lorna to come out*

Lorna's Theme

Cruise: Lastly, she's with Mikey Salone. From Union City, New Jersey, the APW Women's Champion. Lorna!


  • Lorna, Sheryl and Mikey come out together, Lorna stops skipping when she gets to the ring.*

All 4 girls staredown each other when the belt is put into the air, we're ready to go. Lorna goes after Maria while Sheryl and Michelle help. It's 3 on 1 to start us off as all 3 girls attacking Maria. Mikey is loving it as he is overjoyed by the actions. Lorna hits a Shining Wizard onto Maria and Sheyl picks her up and hits a GTS. Maria looks out cold as we see Lorna trying to go for the pin but Michelle pulls her off and goes for it herself. Sheryl and Lorna attack Michelle but Michelle takes out Sheryl as it's now 1 on 1. Lorna and Michelle go head to head, Lorna slaps Michelle but Michelle slaps her back and it's a fight between the 2 but Lorna kicks her down and goes for another Shining Wizard only for Michelle to move and she goes for her Bella Buster and hits it and goes for the pin 1...2... She gets attacked from behind by a masked woman. She takes off her mask and it's Megan. She hits Michelle with the Rack Attack. After, Lorna pins Michelle, 1..2...3! Lorna defeats Michelle and wins but Megan goes to raise her hand and Lorna slaps Megan in the face and they start fighting until Mikey grabs Lorna and takes her out of the ring with her title in his hands to end the fighting and to fight another day. Mikey, Sheryl and Lorna go up the ramp while Michelle and Megan are left in the ring together.

Segment 6- Coren Interview (All credit goes to Coren for making up this promo)Edit

  • Josh Matthews is with Coren, the Number #1 Contender for the APW World Championship*

Coren: "Don't even say anything. There is no more talk, no more attempting to one up each other in that ring. At Backlash Critic, we meet, one on one, for the first time.

Just to make it even more special, it's held under a Last Man Standing. Now, I won't tell a lie, because you know that's not who I am, but I have never been in this form of match. But to say I was nervous, would be a bigger lie than to say you did a little something special to a certain someone to guarantee that belt.

I've heard things about this match, people who I've known in the past tell me that it's a life changer, you're life will never be the same after it. You will always remember the match, the crowd, the arena. It never goes away.
And to say that you'll never be the same is something that myself and Critic will find out on Saturday. You see Critic, what people have said is right, we won't be the same after this match. Sure, we will stand until every last ounce of blood has seeped out of us. Until we have seen that final drop of sweat drip from our head. But it's not just that, you see.

We won't be the same because after it's done, I'll be celebrating my victory as my hand is raised, and the title is put on my shoulder. But you on the other hand, you will be a hopeless man, sobbing away into your broken self, feeling stripped of your humanity as the spotlight, that you've stolen off many in the past is taken away from you, and shone onto the future of wrestling.
Critic, live this day well, live it as if it was your last. Because after tonight, you'll live no more.
Tick tock, I'm always watching, always listening."

Main Event- Coren vs Sport Critic: Last Man Standing Match for the APW World ChampionshipEdit

  • We cut to J.R and King for the promo of this match*

J.R: "It's come down to this, a hero of a Champion, Sport Critic versus a intelligent challenger and someone who will do anything to win what he believes is his, Coren. It's all been building to a boiling point and that's what this match is for. The real question is, who walks out period with their life?"

The Backlash Theme

  • Mr. Barnes makes his way to the announce table to join J.R and King*

J.R: "Hello, Mr. Barnes. What brings you out here?"

Barnes: "I can't miss this, these are the 2 best in the ring and I'm here to just watch these 2 wow me with their aggression and I promise you, this is going to be a classic."

Coren's Theme

Cruise: "This is the Main Event of Backlash, A Last Man Standing Match where the only way to win is to keep your opponent down for 10 seconds, First, from Unknown, weighing 235 Pounds, he is the Number #1 Contender for the APW World Heavyweight Championship, Coren!"

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  • Coren makes his way out slowly as he just realizes the importance of this match and the importance of his health and career and how he doesn't care what happens to him tonight as long as he walks out with the APW World Championship.*

Sport Critic's Theme

Cruise: "His opponent. This man is the original and current APW World Champion, he's from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, weighing 240 Pounds, Sport Critic!"


  • Critic looks like he's found a Killer Instict, he comes out with his championship and medal very close to him and looks in a fighting mood*

Both men just stare at each other for a few moments, realizing the danger of this type of match. Both men run at each other and start striking each other to get this match going, Critic starts hitting lariats but Coren keeps getting back up. Critc takes Coren to the ground and starts to show off his ametur background. He gets Coren into a choke and tries to get him to pass out but Coren fights his way out and gets Critic into his type of wrestling match, by keeping him into control, making Critic fight for every breath he has with this chinlock type of hold. Coren lets him go saying "This is Last Man Standing, It's time to make you suffer Critic." He goes outside and brings Critic with him. He goes towards the announcer's desk where J.R, King and Barnes are and tells Barnes, "Watch this." Coren takes Critic and goes for his End Of Days but Critic pushes him off and Belly to Bellies Coren off the table onto the ground. Critic then Moonsaults off the table onto Coren, both men are down as the referee starts to count.

1...2...3...4...5.. Critic gets up at 5. 6...7.. Coren gets up a few seconds after and sends Critic into the guardrail and then bull rushes himself and Critic, propelling them through the guardrail. Both men are down again. Referee starts counting. 1...2...3...4..5...6...7...8.. Both men fight to their feet around 8. Coren takes Critic into the ring, he goes to get a chair, Coren gets into the ring with the chair and puts it right over Critc's head, he picks up Critic to go for another chair shot but Critic ducks as he superkicks Coren with the chair still in his hands. Coren is down and busted open. The referee starts counting again.

1...2...3...4...5...6...7 Coren gets up. Critic and Coren go back and forth for a little longer until Critic sets up Coren in a Critic Slam and hits it. Critic believes that Coren is not done so he goes to get a table and sets it up in one of the corners of the ring and tries to Critic Slam onto Coren but Coren reverses and hits the End Of The Days off the top rope into the table and it busts open Critic. The referee counts 1...2...3...4...5....6...7...8...Coren gets up. 9...10!

Aftermath of The Main EventEdit

After Coren is beaten and bloodied as he holds up the APW World Championship, here comes Sandow and Salone, clapping for Coren.  Barnes comes into the ring. Barnes: "Coren, join my empire, we will be strongter than  and I will make sure you keep that title as long as possible."

Barnes holds out his hand and Coren responds by saying:  "Wow. I don't really know what to say, I mean, you're all here, all to congratulate me on being Champion. Congratulating me on telling the truth, like I did for several weeks.
You, you? The boss of APW wants to accept the new World Champion into his Empire?"
*Coren looks around, thinking of whether or not he should accept this offer*

"So answer me this, why would I want to join an "Empire" full of lackeys willing to do what you ask, for minimal grace, and full suffering?
If there's one thing I'm not, it's a team player, so you can take your offer, and shove it right up Sandow's ass!"

Barnes: "Well, fine. It's the worst and last decision you ever make." Sandow and Salone attack Coren but Coren fights them both off. Barnes: "This isn't going the way I planned but there's always a Plan B." Tom Carter comes from behind and Future Shocks Coren and then Curb Stomps him into the ground.

Barnes: "Coren, you look so prime and ready to have your first title defense so lets bring out your opponent." Goatface walks down to the ring as Carter holds Coren up and Barnes yells "Referee ring the bell." Goatface gets into the ring and runs at Coren and hits Bite Of A Dragon and pins Coren 1....2....3!

Goatface is the new APW World Champion as he shakes Barnes' hand and raises the World Championship in the air.

After Barnes grabs Coren and tells his crew: "Go get a table and some steel steps. Now!"  Barnes takes Coren to the top rope as everything is being setup below them. Barnes jumps off the top rope and piledrives Coren through a Table onto Steel Steps! Barnes grabs Coren by the face as he's bleeding from the top of his head down and says "You're fucking nothing Coren without the Empire, Nothing!" he spits in his face and pushes him into the ground. Coren is rushed out of the ring, looking as to have broken his neck.


The Empire comes to FruitionEdit

  • Barnes grabs a Microphone as the rest of the members pose on each corner of the ring*

Barnes: "The Shield had three, Evolution had four, The Empire has five. Mikey, I'm going to need you to leave and go with Lorna and build that Women's faction you wanted because I'm not talking about you being the fifth member. *Mikey leaves* Now, didn't I tell you I had this all figured out? None of you idiots believed me though. How does it feel to know that I always win? *Laughs*

Look at what I've created, Kevin Sandow, my trusty assistant, Tom Carter, the enforcer of the Empire and Goatface Bryan, the Empire's World Champion. But there's one more man to join the Empire. He's a man that is fed up with being overlooked, fed up with being pushed over because of his name. This man is someone that was told he was past his prime, a man that was the talk of the Wrestling Communtity. Love him or Hate him, he's stepping out of a coffin that was put on him after 2013 was over.

Please help me welcome, the man that invented Total Carnage...

CM Punk - Cult Of Personality Entrance Video 2013

CM Punk - Cult Of Personality Entrance Video 2013

  • The man with a hoodie makes his way out to take off his hoodie and reveal who he is, It's TCW. Time Can't Win. He makes his way down to the ring, the crowd is absolutely astonished and stunned silent. TCW smiles shrilly as he shakes the hand of Mr. Barnes and Barnes gives him the microphone*

TCW: “Allow me to introduce myself. I am the one and only, TCW. Yes, the actual TCW. You people may either be shocked, or confused by my debut. You either remember me, or you choose not to remember me because you fear me, but I can't blame you for that.

So, where have I been? Oh, I've been lurking around, I was
just waiting for the right moment to show up, and I heard news about this thing called APW. I didn't really think much of it, but then I was contacted by my good friend Mr. Barnes here, and he and I happened to share the same goals. So here I am, why am I here? I'm here for multiple reasons, but the main reason is to make myself known again.

When someone heard the initials "TCW" everyone was thinking of me, Time Can’t Win. I'm here to make that a reality again. Now don't be mistaken, I could care less if any of you morons in the back or any of you fat slobs in the crowd like me. I'm here for me, and only me. If you don't like that then go write Mark here some hate mail, because I'm SURE he will listen to what you idiots have to bitch about.

I'm proud that two geniuses like me and Mark "Mr." Barnes are collaborating, because we use something that a lot of guys in the back refuse to use, you see, it's not about your size, muscularity, speed, fans. It's all about this thing in your head called a brain. I can tell that most of the people in this arena don't like using it. *Boos* Oh and now you're booing me, oh god my feelings, they hurt so much!!! You people are jokes, and The Empire is now stronger thanks to three initials….T…C…W!"

  • The Empire stands together to end the show.*