Opening NotesEdit

Location: Kansas City
APW WarZone

Date: February 6th 2015

Arena: Sprint Center

Commentators: Jim Ross and Willam Regal

Annoucer: Bobby Cruise

Segment 1: J.R and Regal Open The ShowEdit

  • Pryo sounds off and the theme song plays out the arena.*
Thousand Foot Krutch War of Change (Official Music Video)-0

Thousand Foot Krutch War of Change (Official Music Video)-0

J.R: "Ladies and Gentlemen, Welcome to APW WarZone Episode 5! I'm Jim Ross and this is my NEW broadcast partner William Regal. William, welcome my friend." *They shake hands*

Regal: "Thank you Ross, it's great to be back on the microphone commentating this great product of wrestling action."

J.R: "Well, you're not going to be disappointed because tonight Hal Castle takes on the NEW APW World Champion Goatface Bryan in the main event, as well as VOPW4LIFE vs Ameer for the vacant APW Intercontinental Championship, what a show we have ahead of us, let's get it started with upstart LD Sanchez vs Michael."

Match 1: Michael vs LD Sanchez (LD Beatdown.)Edit

Just as LD Sanchez is in the back, he's jumped by Mikey Salone and Tom Carter. J.R: "By Gawd, LD's being attacked by The Empire."

Mikey grabs Sanchez by the back of his neck and and kicks him in the back of the head, propelling him into Carter, who drives him to the ground with a Future Shock. Mikey grabs a table and sets it up below this soda machine. He hits him with the Bad Dream Driver and then puts him on the table on his face, Carter climbs the Soda Machine and Carter Stomps LD Sanchez through the table.

Barnes makes his way patting the backs of Mikey and Carter. Barnes: "Consder that your pink slip, you're fired LD, come on guys, it's time." They leave all together, heading towards the ring.


Segment 2: Empire PromoEdit

  • Barnes and crew make their way out to the Empire Theme Song*
Avenged Sevenfold - Hail To The King Official Music Video-0

Avenged Sevenfold - Hail To The King Official Music Video-0

Barnes: "It feels good to be King. *Boos* Oh, stop, you guys really still mad about my remarks on HeatWave? You guys need to let go of your grudge, that's not cool. I just want to say, giving a nod to Lorna here, Mikey is now apart of The Empire, he is still there as will I for you.

Now, Coren. Oh, where is he? Is he hurt? *Barnes gives a shocked face, like he doesn't know.*  Wait, I got it, he's in a hospital in back in whatever hole he's crawled back into. *We Want Coren Chants* You won't be seeing him again so don't worry about that. Dumbfucks.

Here comes a REAL champion, The Empire's champion, Goatface Bryan!" 



“Headstrong to take on anyone…” *Never before was this statement truer as Goatface Bryan walks down the ramp with the APW World Title wrapped around his waist. The crowd boos him as Barnes yells "Shut up!" and gives him the microphone and begins to talk.*

Bryan: "THE APW title….is finally with someone worth its bling. Antonio Castanogli? Coren? They don’t deserve it and it’s evident now cause I AM the champion while they lie on their asses waiting to be put out of their misery after the ass whooping they received last week at Backlash. Now, you might wonder why I did what did last week. You want to know why? It’s because of this…. (Taps the title)

Since day one I had my eyes on this title and I was guaranteed this title during my contract signing. This was all an elaborate plan and you sheep believed it with your eyes closed. Don’t you think it was convenient enough for me to be added into that match? (Boo)
So to tell you freaks the truth about my actions, you’re seeing it in front of you. I am your champion whether you like it or not. And now to talk about Mark Barnes… THE BOSS… The reason why you all are watching legends like me in front of you. Consider yourself lucky…

Calling me a sellout won’t change the facts. I’m down in the history books and I’m going to stay there forever because I’m, not losing this title and The Empire? We together will rule this ring and all of you puppets will watch it all happen before you. You are witnessing the new era and this era will end only when we end it. And guess what, that’s never going to happen. So anyone backstage who wants to challenge my decisions are welcomed here but beware… The Empire will strike you down. I’ll strike you down and as the champion, I am unstoppable. Accept this fate quicker will be better for you because I am a mainstay.”

I haven’t turned my back on you, You all have… I AM YOUR CHAMPION! YOU DON’T BOO ME! FUCK YOU ALL”
(drops the mic)

  • Barnes picks up the microphone* "This man is the best pound for pound wrestler in the whole Fucking WORLD! You will respect him, because he is your World Champion and he will stay Champion for as long as He wants, so all you dumb, simple, sheep will RESPECT YOUR CHAMPION!" *They leave together to boos and more We Want Coren chants*

Match 2- Antonio Castanogli vs Tom Carter W/ Mikey SaloneEdit

Randy Orton - Burn In My Light-0

Randy Orton - Burn In My Light-0

  • Castanogli makes his way out to a gigantic amount of cheers but something seems different with the Sport, he walks down with uncertainty and looks so different without the APW World Championship around his waist, he looks like a shell of his former self*

Antonio: "I've been very quiet over the past 2 weeks since Backlash, just the way it ended and how everything went down. Coren, you're a hell of a competitor, you gave me the fight of my life and I'll respect you for the rest of my life. Coren, you talk a big game, but you back it up every time you're out there and I hope we can get in the ring again.

Onto Goatface, you call these people sheep? These people are the lifeline of APW, not that power hungry Barnes. These people are what keep me ALIVE dammit! Goatface, I hope you enjoy your time with that belt because it's mine soon e-"

Avenged Sevenfold - Hail To The King Official Music Video-1

Avenged Sevenfold - Hail To The King Official Music Video-1

  • Tom Carter makes his way out with Mikey Salone*

Mikey: "Oh Antonio, just shut the fuck up. No one cares about you anymore, All these people care about is The Empire. *Boos* You guys know you do. I'm here to intrduce the Enforcer of The Empire, TOM CARTER! *Tom just looks smug and angry as he walks his way to the ring.* 

The two men start by brawling each other back and forth until Antonio is able to catch one of Carter's punches and turns his around into a German as Carter goes flying backwards and lands hard on his back. He heads out of the ring to get a breather as Mikey comes over and gives Carter some advice. He slowly walks up the steps telling the ref to hold Antonio back. He comes in to the ring heads straight for a larait but Antonio ducks and heads off the ropes. Mikey grabs his leg, he turns around in a tackle by Carter as he takes him to the ground and goes for the pin.

1...2...Kickout by Antonio, Carter waits for Castanogli to get up and then he sets him up in a flatliner position and takes him down as he holds onto it and makes it into a Arm Triangle and just sets it up perfectly, Antonio is helpless as he tries to fight out. He punches Carter in the back of the head and gets out. Lariats and Germans amuck over the next 2-3 minutes as Antonio mounts a comeback. He goes for a Belly to Belly and sends Carter flying. He picks up Carter and shoots him into the air and hits him with a Uppercut. He goes for the pin. 1...2....3! Antonio gets the win, after Mikey tries to run into the ring only to be caught into a Belly to Belly that lands on Carter as Antonio stands tall.

Wm30 photo 175-1397920525

Segment 3: Hal Castle InterviewEdit

  • Kevin Kelly is with a distrought Hal Castle*

Kevin: "I'm here with Hal Castle and Hal, you've had a very rough few weeks. First, Goatface costs you of winning the Triple Threat Steel Cage match at Backlash and now, your relationship looks shaky. What are your thoughts going into the match with Goatface Bryan?"

Hal: "Tonight, I go back to my drug so to say, I go in that ring, in front of all these diehard fans in Kansas City and I get my revenge. Goatface, you betrayed me, you betrayed everyone when you went with Barnes. Don't you understand it's all about him? Everything, you're just a piece in his Empire bullshit. I hope it bites you in the ass, you motherfucking asshole. As for my relationship, that's personal and that won't be in my mind when i face Bryan tonight. Kevin, this interview is over, I need to get ready" *Kelly leaves as Castle just looks very down.* 

Match 3: Ameer vs VOPW4LIFE (Intercontinental Championship Match) Edit

Blink 182 - Dumpweed-1

Blink 182 - Dumpweed-1

  • Ameer makes his way out gingerly, still hurting after the King Of The Mountain Match*
Three Days Grace - "Painkiller"

Three Days Grace - "Painkiller"

*VOPW making his usual strunt to the ring, showing off.*

VOPW runs into a huge dropkick, as Ameer starts to go after VOPW. 2 Lariats, as Ameer sets up for the third, he gets reversed into a beautiful looking standing dropkick, VOPW shows off some more by locking in a chinlock and then doing a handstand with it. Ameer starts to fight out, only to get taken down by a huge DDT. He goes for the pin.

1...2..Kickout by Ameer who is able to hit a huge head kick to VOPW, he heads to the top rope and hits a gigantic missile dropkick and sets up for his Walls Of Ameer, he locks it in as VOPW is screaming in pain. He reaches the ropes. Ameer sets up for the codebreaker but VOPW moves out of the way and turns him around for a rollup. 1...2.. Ameer kicks out and drops VOPW with a Codebreaker. He goes for the pin. 1...2..3! Ameer wins the Intercontinental Championship. Ameer enjoys his moment as he waits for Barnes to award him with the title.


Segment Intercontinental Championship AwardingEdit

LIKE A STORM - Love The Way You Hate Me (Official Music Video)

LIKE A STORM - Love The Way You Hate Me (Official Music Video)

  • Barnes makes his way out with the Intercontinetal Championship*

Barnes: "Ameer, great job tonight, but sorry kid. You're not getting this title. *VOPW attacks Ameer from behind as Tom Carter his way out.* VOPW, welcome to The Empire and Tom, here. Your new Intercontinental Champion, Tom Carter!


Segment 4: Edge InterviewEdit

Kevin is in the back with the new APW Wrestler, Edge.

Kevin: "Edge, your thoughts on being in your first match next week with Michael?"

Edge: "Michael, you have no idea what's going to happen to you next week and it's going to stay that way, APW, meet the next big thing. The Rated R Superstar is coming to APW."

Main Event: Hal Castle vs Goatface BryanEdit

20121212 ARTICLE TLC Dbryan Rollins

Puddle of Mudd - Pitchin' A Fit-0

Puddle of Mudd - Pitchin' A Fit-0

  • Castle makes his way out first, through the crowd, that's different, he gets in the ring and yells "Come on bitch, get out here!"*
F46dc2220e538f62076d7de642b8d8a2 crop north



  • Bryan makes his way out, looking as serious as ever, getting ready to take out Hal Castle*

Bryan laughs at Castle and takes a jab at him saying "Hey Hal, where's your girlfriend?" and Hal punches him right in the face, Bryan elbows him back and we're off and running, various strikes between the 2 men. Bryan  chops at Castle's knee and starts to give him these kicks until Castle catches one and Dragon Whips him into the lower turnbuckle. Bryan hits the back of his head as Castle takes advantage when he gets up him in sternum and runs off the ropes ad hits this beautiful jumping knee strike to the face and turns Bryan into a neckbreaker. He goes for the pin, 1..2. Bryan kicks right out as soon as it was 2.

Both men get to their feet and Bryan grabs Castle and hits a Northern Lights and bridges it. 1..2.. Castle kicks out. Bryan tries to rollup Castle but Castle gets out at 2 and jumps for a bridge. Another 2 as Bryan uses his mistaken for strength and backslides Castle, Castle gets out and front kicks Bryan right in the face. Both men are down as the fans clap and just appreicate the great back and forth just put by both men. Castle gets up first as Bryan's on his kness and superkicks him in the face. 1...2.. No, Bryan kickouts. Bryan hits a huge Package Piledriver and then goes for the pin, but says "No, I'm not finishing you with that." He heads up to the top rope and hits a Dragonrana, droping Castle right on his head. He locks in the pin. 1...2.. Hal Kicks Out!

Hal won't go away, Bryan mutters to himself "What do I have to do?" He sets up for the for the Bite Of A Dragon but gets stopped as he's caught in mid move by a Spear. Hal goes for the pin but Carter comes out, and distracts Hal. Hal turns around right into a huge Bite Of A Dragon as Goatface picks up the victory. Carter comes into the ring as all of The Empire come out and hold Goatface high into the air and celebrate a great moment for The Empire as the show goes off the air.