Part 1Edit

APW Over The Limit Part 1

Match 4: Lorna vs Megan vs Michelle (APW Women's Championship Match)Edit

Tove Lo - Habits (Stay High) - Hippie Sabotage Remix

Tove Lo - Habits (Stay High) - Hippie Sabotage Remix

Cruise: "This match is for APW Women's Championship, first from San Diego, California, Megan!
  • Megan comes out with her normal attitude, very sassy.*

The Rasmus - In The Shadows (US Version)

The Rasmus - In The Shadows (US Version)

Cruise: "From Scotsdale, Arizona. Michelle" 
  • Michelle is very happy and ready to go, she looks at Megan and the referee has to get between them.*
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AJ Lee MV Roar

AJ Lee MV Roar

Cruise: "And from Union City, New Jersey. The APW Women's Champion. Lorna!"
  • Lorna comes out alone at first but here comes Mikey Salone, fresh off his lost to LD Sanchez, definitely becoming a wild card in this triple threat and another thing, Mikey's apart of The Empire...*

The presence of Mikey confuses the twins and Lorna takes advantage by hitting both Women with a Double Lariat, both Sisters are down as Lorna asks Mikey for a chair and to get in the ring. The referee tries to hold Mikey back but a message from the Empire stops as the Boss Barnes gets on the Titantron and says "Don't stop him, he's apart of The Empire, he can do whatever he wants."

Mikey is allowed in the ring with the chair and sets up the chair right in front of both girls' faces and Lorna runs and double foots stomps the chair, blasting them right in the face. Lorna then grabs both girls and does a Double Black Widow, both girls have to tap. Lorna retains the APW Women's Championship.

Barnes makes his way out still shaken up from Coren earlier but tries to look tough and like a businessman. He shakes Mikey's hand and Lorna's as well.

Barnes: "Meet the last member but might be one of the most important, Lorna. No Women in the world can stop her now, like they could before, now The Empire is more unstoppable than ever. Hail to The Empire!"


Segment 6: Hal Castle InterviewEdit

Josh Matthews tries to talk to Castle, but he's not listening.

Castle: "Not tonight Josh, I can't talk right now, I have a match to prepare for." 


Match 5: Hal Castle vs Tom Carter (APW Intercontinental Championship Match) Falls Count Anywhere MatchEdit

Both men meet in the back and start brawling. Carter throws Castle into the wall and starts jabbing him in the gut but Castle pushes him back and hits a huge jumping knee that sends Carter flying into a box case and Castle jumps and starts pounding on Carter. He starts choking Carter until Salone comes from outta nowhere and dropkicks Castle into a wall.

Salone gets Carter to the ramp but here comes Castle with a Steel Chair and hits it off the backs of both men. He throws the chair at both men and dropkicks the chair into them, knocking them on the ground. Castle runs in the ring and waits for them to get up, he goes flying out of the ring hitting a huge Summersault Suicide Plancha on both men. He goes for the pin on Carter.

1...2.. Kickout by Carter. Castle waits for Carter to get on his knees and Castle superkicks him. He goes for the pin, 1...2. Kickout from Carter. Hal is fustrated and hit from behind by Mikey with a chair. Mutiple chair shots by Mikey until Carter stops him and tells him to give him the chair. He waits for Castle to get up and he pounds Hal the face with the Chair, busting him wide open.

He tells Mikey to go and get him a table. He grabs the table and and sets it up and tells Mikey to hold Hal's feet as he puts him face first on the table. He goes to the top rope and jumps off, hitting a Carter Stomp right through the table and Hal's face might just be broken. Carter goes for the pin. 1,....2....3! Carter retains his Intercontinental Championship and stands over Hal's prone body.

20121229 RAW Barrett IC LIGHT HOMEPAGE

Segment 7: J.R and Regal Talk About The Show So FarEdit

J.R: "Wow, what a show so far. Some great action from the opening 2 out of 3 falls match between Edge and Michael all the way to this last match, a Falls Count Anywhere match between Carter and Castle."

Regal: "Yes, but now it's time for what we've all came here to see, the Steel Cage Match between Antonio Castanogli and APW World Champion Goatface Bryan. What a rivalry between these 2 men. Who's the best? The Empire's Champion or The man that fights for the people and is the FIRST APW World Champion, Antonio Castanogli? We're about to find out, take it away Bobby Cruise" 

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Regal2 display image

Main Event: Antonio Castanogli vs Goatface Bryan (APW World Championship Match Inside a Steel Cage)Edit

WWE Randy Orton Old Theme Song - "Burn In My Light" (2nd WWE Edit) CD Quality Lyrics

WWE Randy Orton Old Theme Song - "Burn In My Light" (2nd WWE Edit) CD Quality Lyrics

Cruise: "The following is for The APW World Championship and is inside a 15 FOOT HIGH STEEL CAGE! First, the challenger, weighing in at 232 pounds, from Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. Antonio Castanogli! 
  • Antonio comes out, staring, marveling at the Steel Cage as he gets inside it.*
220px-Cesaro April 2014

Trapt - Headstrong (Official Music Video)

Trapt - Headstrong (Official Music Video)

Cruise: "And his opponent, from Aberdeen, Washington. Weighing in at 210 pounds, The APW World Champion, Goatface Bryan!"

  • Bryan looks as detrimined as ever as he makes his way to the ring.*

Both men are in the ring with a referee, because this is pin and submission only and he rings the bell. Bryan hits a forearm on Castanogli and Antonio comes back with a uppercut, both men go back and forth with uppercuts and forearm until Bryan catches one, spins and tries for a forearm but Antonio catches it and hits a huge uppercut to knock down Bryan. First pin here but Bryan shrugs him before the count even starts. Bryan gets up and kicks Antonio right in the chest and brings him to the turnbuckle with kicks and backs him up and runs but Castanogli moves out of the way and pushes Bryan right into the cage.

Bryan is busted open early as Antonio slams him into the cage again and when Bryan turns around a huge lariat that sends Bryan 360. Castanogli sets up for the Superkick but Bryan catches the foot and kicks him right in the leg. Muay Tai kicks right to Castanogli's legs that sends Antonio down to his knees, Bryan then starts to kick at Antonio's chest, more and more kicks and ends it with a huge kick to the head sending Castanogli down. Bryan locks in the Cattle Mutilation and stretches out Castanogli's arms, it's unbearable pain.

Castanogli wiggles out though and deadlifts Bryan into a huge German Suplex and bridges it. 1...2.. Bryan powers himself out and drives a kick right into Castanogli's sternum. Castanogli is having a hard time breathing after that, he's trying to catch his breath but Bryan heads to the top rope and hits a vicious Diving Headbutt. Bryan locks in a pin, 1...2.. Castanogli kicks out with force. Both men get up and Bryan drives a kick right into Castanogli's chest and goes for his Goatface but Castanogli deadlifts Bryan out of it and lifted him in the air and slams him down right onto his back as the ring ropes shake violently.

Castanogli gets up first and grabs Bryan and Belly to Bellies him ring into the cage itself. Bryan looks beaten as Castanogli goes for the pin, 1...2 Bryan forces himself out. He pushes Castanogli away and runs at him with a pounding dropkick that sends Castanogli flying. He heads up to the top rope and goes for his Dragonrana but is caught in mid-air by Castanogli and Castanogli drives him straight into the ground with a Powerbomb, he locks in the pin. 1...2.. Bryan with a jumping kickout. Bryan rolls out and kicks Castanogli right into the head.

Bryan says "Get up bitch." and sets up the Package Piledriver and runs, hitting a running Package Piledriver. He goes for the pin. 1...2.. NO! Castanogli powers out. Bryan yells at the referee, "Are you fucking kidding me ref?" and turns right around into a Superkick. Castanogli goes for the pin, 1...2.. NO! Bryan kicks out. Castanogli shrugs and says "What is it going to take?" He goes to Bryan but Bryan kicks him right down. Bryan goes to the corner and starts chanting "YES!" and runs at him and hits Bite Of A Dragon. Bryan goes for the pin. 1...2... NO!

Bryan is shocked, he doesn't know what to do. He gets up and starts to climb the cage and everyone's looks confused. Bryan waits for Castanogli to get up and flies off. He's going for a Dragonrana but Castanogli backs up and hits A HUGE CATCHING UPPERCUT! That has to be it, we have to have a new champion. Castanogli goes for the pin. 1...2... Lights go out.

For a long period of time the whole arena is dark. When it turns back on, Barnes is there and he RKO's Castanogli. He grabs Bryan but Bryan pushes him off and says "I got this boss." He grabs Castanogli and locks in the Goatface. Castanogli will not tap, Barnes yells at him "Tap you little bitch!" Castanogli moves Bryan's hands down and spits in the Boss' face, when he does Bryan locks the Goatface in even deeper, Castanogli has nothing to do, he doesn't tap. He ends up passing out. Goatface Bryan retains but won't let go of Castanogli.

Barnes pulls him off and says "You've done enough, he looks dead." Goatface grabs Barnes' pen that's with him for some reason and stabs Castanogli in the eye with the pen. Castanogli screams as blood streams from the eye and security backs Bryan off. Bryan climbs to the top of the cage and clebrates as Castanogli is checked on as Over The Limit goes off the air. 

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